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Double Joker

Double Joker Power Poker is different from the standard Double Joker video poker as you play four identical hands of cards. At the beginning of each game only the first hand is shown to you, while the other three hands remain face down. The game progresses like a standard video poker. 

When you choose to hold a card the identical card is revealed in the other three hands. If you choose to un-hold a card the three identical cards are turned face down. When you have chosen the cards you want to keep, click the Draw button. You will be dealt new cards in place of the cards that you did not hold. The other hands will then be revealed. 

Double Joker Power Poker has 54 cards in the pack, instead of the normal 52 cards. The extra two cards are Jokers which are wild cards that can substitute for any other card, of any suit and denomination, to complete winning combinations. When you are dealt a Joker the computer will automatically assign a suit and value to that card, giving you the highest possible payout for the cards that you are holding. The Joker greatly increases your chances of putting together a winning hand. 

When you have completed the game, the total hand values of all four hands is calculated and the total winnings added to your credits. If you have a winning hand you will have the option to double or collect your winnings. The highest hand you can get in Double Joker Power Poker is a Natural Royal Flush and it pays out 4000 coins, with five coins bet.


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