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Zodiac Casino

"I would just like to say thanks! I never thought I would have won
this contest. My mother was quite surprised when I told her! I am
going to take my Mom to the casino with our winnings!"
- 'JoAnn' (Mum's the Word Winner)

"I love your site, I have never had so much fun! I just came back
from Las Vegas one month ago and I have the bug. Your site is 
great, I feel that I'm there in Vegas with the slots!"
- 'Charlie' (Rags To Riches Winner)

"Thanks again for looking into this personally for me and I will be
sure and let my friends know that this is a casino that can be
- 'dbeast' (OPA Member & Player)

"I am having a great time playing at your casino, and I rate your
casino so highly that I have referred a good friend of mine via
your special referral cards on your website."
- 'hejslet' (Refer-A-Friend User)

"I am having an excellent time gambling at Zodiac Casino, and I have
already gotten most of my friends in on the action! Thanks again,
we are having an excellent time!"
- 'landsh4' (Golf Shirt Winner)

"Zodiac Casino has excellent support and was extremely fast
communicating with me. Thanks for everything."
- 'gte873v' (Tournament Winner)

"My shirt arrived yesterday. It was extremely nice, it looks very
classy. I look forward to showing it off."
- 'mrllsas' (Golf Shirt Winner)

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SlotLand Casino

PAULM, A $142,460 Jackpot winner from Georgia:
It was a real pleasure to award this amazing amount to one of our most faithful players who is with Slotland from its very beginning in 1998 and who visits our site almost every day. "All I can say is - FINALLY, IT HAPPENED TO ME! I am not a blackjack fan and mostly play the slots but few hands in SpaceJack showed me what gambling is all about when all of a sudden my 60 bucks became 140 grand!!! I LOVE YOU!"

BOSSMAN48, A Jackpot winner from Michigan:
"After throwing out $10 bets for 20 minutes or so at the JacksOrBetter game, my one big bet made me a richer man. I pulled down a royal flush!!!!!!!" 

5666777, A Jackpot winner from New Jersey:
"After four or five unsuccessful bets I gave it a rest and went to pick up a sandwich from the fridge. Then, after couple of bites and couple of pulls on the slot machine, it happened!!! I HIT THE JACKPOT!" 

2CRK3, A Jackpot winner from Brazil:
"That's when I decided to throw caution to the wind. I just put the whole wad into the machine and on my tenth try -- BINGO! almost 50,000 dollars!"

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