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One of the best Australian online casinos! $25 free! Play games for fun or for real money: slots: nine different machines to play, switch coin value on same machine!, Progressive Jackpot Machines Available, $100,000 Maximum Jackpot!, video keno: instant lottery-style betting game, payouts up to $50,000!, betting limits from $.25-$5, baccarat: single and multi-player games, baccarat with penetrations, statistics pop-up window, spice island poker: single and multi-player games, progressive spice island poker, bonus wager increases top pay-out, roulette: single and multi-player tables available, single-zero (european roulette) means lower house hold!, photorealistic graphics and animation, 3D-surround stereo sound, red dog: three of a kind pays 11 to 1, wager $5 - $300, double your wager mid-game on a good hand!

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